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Ms. O’Connor has never missed a deadline -- a characteristic that is rare in this industry and highly prized by me and others as a result... --  Nancy Richard Krone. BGM, Inc.; Pacific Communications
Sara supervised the entire post-production... and successfully planned and produced the entire project on target... As one of our sales people wrote in : We get to see people who wouldn’t otherwise talk to us, because of this film!
...For those of you who have seen the film, it speaks for itself -- it is an intelligent, sensitive treatment of a subject often handled ineffectively in the past.  Both conceptually and technically, it’s a fine piece of filmmaking....  
...From the time we in the Medical Services Department at Syntex were first approached with the idea, Sara was given the complete responsibility for producing the film.  She took a lecture-manuscript obtained from a physician-consultant and turned it into a dramatic filmscript. She budgeted the project and managed the myriad details involved... and she managed all the business and financial aspects of the project, including salaries, fees, expenses, contracts, releases, and music rights.  
...During the production, Sara was both the general supervisor and director to the cast. She worked with the cast and crew to prepare them for each scene. Because the filming included sensitive material, Sara devised a video relay so that her support staff could view the procedure without interfering with actual filming....
- S. John Ingram, MD, Director,  
Medical Services, Syntex Laboratories, Inc.
I have known Ms. O’Connor for eight years and have worked with her closely on two film projects.  The first... won an award for the best Medical Education film in that year.... Ms. O’Connor worked closely with all of us in the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles producing a work of superb value to medical educators. We all noticed that although she consulted with us frequently, Ms. O’Connor was exhaustive in her approach to researching and writing the script.  She became a true expert in this area far exceeding our highest expectations. She handled all aspects of this film, from conceptualization, to writing and editing of the script, to all aspects of production, direction and editing...
- Eric H. Cohen, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Departments of Family Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Southern California School of Medicine
...I first met Ms. O’Connor while she was... serving as editor of a Syntex-sponsored newsletter entitled TRANSITIONS.  Besides her editorial duties Ms. O’Connor served as liaison between contributing physician authors and Vicom Associates who assisted Syntex in producing this newsletter. Her responsibilties also included interpreting and analyzing clinical information and writing these analyses in a clear, straight forward presentation.  
Her executions of these duties were outstanding, and even under the most pressure filled situation, Sara was always positive, supportive and cheerful. The quality of her work and her personal integrity has made it easy for me to recommend Ms. O’Connor to others within my organizations as need for freelance writers develop.  
- Joseph Doyle, President,  Baxter, Gurian & Mazzei, Inc.
Thank you for your review and rewrite of the chapter “Malpositions of the Uterus” which we received and read in detail.  I enjoyed reading the manuscript with the changes you have made.  The emphasis on the revised and restructured phrases gives the subject a renewed vitality.  Having studied and edited the manuscript many times in the past, I was impressed with the manner in which you shortened many sentences, and yet, added more clarity to the text.  However, I should forewarn you that this type of superior effort will only recruit more chapters for you to revise....  
- Richard F. Mattingly, MD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Medical College of Wisconsin
At the recent Phoenix District meeting, the Dysmenorrhea Monograph was introduced... And I was amazed to see the response.  Normally cynical, the reps...were absolutely turned on by the material inside the covers! ... I know I signed off during the “copy clearance” process, but I confess that I scanned the pages and didn’t really read them. I should have.  You are to be commended for an absolutely fascinating, informative document ... It’s full of “nuggets” that reps are anxious to use in their OBG calls.  At this morning’s debriefing meeting, the Product Managers confirmed that many other Districts had the same reaction....  Thanks for a winner.  I think this monograph is one of the best original pieces of creative writing from within Syntex in a long time.  
Bud Nelson, Product Manager, Syntex Labs