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Body Mind Spirit
Milestones in Medicine,   A fix-it project, using previously videotaped interviews of medical experts discussing topics concerning oral contraceptive compliance.  Working with project limitations, I wrote scripts for two videos and researched and wrote the brochure for the CME program, “Compliance and Oral Contraceptives, Part I and Part II.  Produced by AMC media.

Horizons,  I researched and wrote an issue of a newsletter for people with Gaucher Disease, published by BGMHealth Communications, through a grant from Genzyme Biotherapeutics.

Back Pain - Can It Be Caused By Your Emotions?   I researched and wrote a website article for the International Orthopedic Center for Joint Diseases, David Schecter, M.D.  

The Next Generation,  I researched and wrote a two-part scientific brochure introducing new blood products for the treatment of hemophilia, for Baxter Hyland Division, produced by BGMHealth Communications.

Growth Update,  Research and writing for a pediatric endocrinology newsletter about growth and growth hormone.  The newsletter was sent to pediatricians as a continuing education program, sponsored by Genentech, Inc.  The newsletter was produced by BGMHealth Communications.    PDF SAMPLE

Pediatric Referral Programs,  With a team from BGMHealth Communications, I created and prepared comprehensive training programs for Genentech, Inc. sales representatives.
Always At Ease   I worked for the publisher, writing and editing this book on social anxiety for  the author.  
Educational Programs
Achillea Millefolium - Yarrow
Medical text:  “The Philosophy of Functional Fracture Bracing,”  I acted as editor-writer for A. Sarmiento, author and editor of The Functional Treatment of Fractures, revised edition.
New Concerns in the 90’s: Issues & Answers For Women Who Delay Childbearing.”   I researched and wrote an article for R.A. Chez and P. Hillard, published in On the Move Newsletter, produced by BGM.
“Phases of a Woman’s Reproductive Life, Part III: The Turning Point.”  I researched and wrote an article for R.A. Chez and D.R. Mishell, published in On the Move Newsletter, produced by BGM.
Growth Update PDF 400.pdf